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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Problems that must be solved in order to build dependencies analyzer

I saw the problems which I wrote in previous post and I decided to develop a tool that will answer to this questions (and with that to study the Java language too 

So what do I have?

  • Some Oracle database instances
  • Some legacy applications use this instances (Forms application, Informatica, Word files...)
It's clear, for one overall answer I must have one common repository and some adapters that work with different types of applications.

How the dependencies will be shown ?
I like a tree visual object. The tree will give me the opportunity to show the dependency in two directions: 

  • object that used in some codes
  • code which some objects uses
So I need two tabs for two directions.

Every time I chose a tree branch, depending on the direction, I want to see the context of use of object, just a fragment of code where's the object's name. I need a window in which I can show track / snippets of code. Also I want to see whole PL/SQL procedure code or text fragment. I want to see the object reference allocated by color.

The separate task - how to show code. There are different tasks to show PL/SQL package, PL/SQL procedure, Oracle form or INFORMATICA workflow.

The tree gives me the opportunity to watch dependence with moving from level to level. But I need to see all dependencies of the object as a grid, where I can see all referenced objects with its details and the usage type.

The object analyzer works also with some database instances so it's necessary to work with DB links and synonyms.

I need a report about the found dependencies for an offline work.

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